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PowerHR360 is a robust HRMS software that enables top HR executives and decision-makers to gain comprehensive insights into their entire organisation.

By leveraging HRMS software modules, HR managers can monitor vital business, track department-wise information, and effectively monitor and manage productivity. All these capabilities ultimately lead to enhanced operational efficiency.

PowerHR360 empowers not only the HR managers, but also all the line managers and employees of your organisation through an advanced attendance and leave management module of PowerHR360.

It helps optimise the workflow by minimising downtime and ensuring error-free attendance and leave management. Employees can log their time independently, and accurately get their attendance, breaks and leaves recorded. The managers can monitor such data, fostering a sense of accountability driven by transparency.

PowerHR360 is one of the top HRMS software in India that simplifies human resource management and increase productivity.

It makes attendance and leaves management simple and effective while reducing overall downtime. The timesheet feature, one of the many dynamic HRMS software modules, provides a user-friendly platform to track, record, and analyse the time spent on various tasks and projects. In addition, it monitors progress and enables process optimisation. This feature ensures timely work completion.

Unleash the Full Potential Of Your Organisational Productivity With This Powerful Talent Management Tool

PowerHR360 is a dynamic global HR management software that empowers HR managers to optimise their workforce's capabilities. It equips them with compelling HRMS software features to cultivate and nurture the employees' skills and potential. Through these tools, the company can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction and consistently achieve long-term success.

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HRMS Software Features & Modules

Employee Payroll
Loan/Advance Management
Loan/Advance Management
Travel & Expense Management
Travel & Expense Management
Employee Lifecycle Management
Employee Lifecycle Management

And So Much More!

Hire and retain top talent

The best HR management software, PowerHR360 lets you hire fresh talent more effectively through the recruitment management feature. The HRMS software modules enhance employee satisfaction for retaining top talents.

Improve productivity

The HRMS streamlines and automates several HR processes and helps in employee training, performance management, and promoting self-service among employees through performance management and training management modules. These features help in improving productivity.

Reduce error

The ample modules and features of PowerHR360 lessen the number of manual tasks, reducing the chances of mistakes.

Why Do Organisations Need HRMS Software?

Why Do Organisations Need HRMS Software?

Organizations need cloud HRMS software to simplify HR processes, enhance efficiency, and improve the employee experience. It centralizes employee data, enhances recruitment and onboarding, improves performance management, aids in effective decision-making, and saves costs. The final objective of HR service management software is to accommodate organizational growth and change.

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How to Choose the Right HR Management Software?

How to Choose the Right HR Management Software?

Choosing an HRMS is a step-by-step process that requires meticulous evaluation. The important stages of choosing an HRMS are:
  • Identifying the company’s HR goals
  • Establishing a budget
  • Finding and evaluating the different HRMS software features
  • Test driving the shortlisted alternatives
  • Selecting the best HR management software
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top HR management software in India?

Several useful and advanced HRMS in India are used across sectors. PowerHR360 is amongst the top HRMS software in India.

Why is HRMS software needed?

A global HR manager software is needed for streamlining and automating various HR functions within an organisation. It serves as a central database containing vital employee information.

What are the key features of HRMS software?

Some of the most important HRMS software features include:

  • Payroll management
  • Learning management tools
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Self-service tools
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Applicant tracking system

What is cloud-based HRMS software?

Cloud HRMS software is a human resource management system that is hosted on cloud servers. It is not installed on local servers or on-site computers. Users can access this HRMS from anywhere using an Internet connection as the data is stored and managed in the cloud.

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