Benefits of HRMS Software

PowerHR360 - the signature human resource management system of Silver Touch - is a suite of integrated software modules that aims at streamlining and automating various HR functions within your organisation. It’s not just a centralised database for storing all your employee-related information, including personal details, employment history, job roles, compensation and benefits, performance records, and training & development, but also a one-stop platform for managing all your crucial HR functions. PowerHR360 is a digital platform that benefits you- the employer, your employees and the entire organisation.
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Benefits of HR Software to Your Employees - The Most Valuable Asset

Comprehensive, dynamic, easy-to-use PowerHR360 offers numerous benefits for your employees:

Improves employee self-service

The HR Management Software enables employees to access and update their personal information, such as contact details and emergency contacts through self-service portals and reduces dependency on HR personnel and enables quick updates. It also holds details about past employment.

Effective leave management

It simplifies leave management as employees can apply for leave through the HRMS. They can monitor its status without running pillar to post for approval and track the available number of off days.

Training opportunities

Since the HRMS Software can track employee performance, it enables the managers to analyses the existing skillset. The system simplifies the process reskilling and upskilling.

Benefits of HR Software to Your Organisation

Collectively, it’s the organisation that enjoys the maximum number of benefits of the HRMS:

Employee onboarding

PowerHR360 simplifies recruitment and onboarding through advanced features like Integrated Applicant Tracking Systems. There are several tools that streamline candidate searches, interviews, and evaluations, and you can find the best talents in less work.

Employee development and training

PowerHR360 software lets the managers offers upskilling opportunities, allowing them to train employees and identify need for skilling development seamlessly. By identifying the training needs of employees, the HRMS software helps enhance their skills, knowledge, and productivity.

Performance management

One of the major benefits of HR software is that it facilitates fair, consistent, and transparent performance evaluations and management. It offers tools for goal setting, performance tracking and review, and feedback collection.

Employee benefits management

The employers and managers get a comprehensive view of the employee's performance, commitment and ability to achieve goals through the centralised system. PowerHR360 lets the employer estimate the due benefits correctly and helps in employee retention.

Payroll management

If you have a diverse team, where employees have different or flexible working hours, and the company follows different payment policies for different groups.

Centralised HR information

PowerHR360 provides a centralised database to store and manage employee data, including personal information, employment history, performance records, and training records. The benefits of using HR software include data accuracy and accessibility.

Features of HRMS Software

Cloud-based HRMS software can have many features that can benefit the HR department. Key features of an HRMS software are:

Multilocation Support

Our HRMS software offers multilocation support so that your HR department can handle processes across multiple offices and departments. The multilocation support feature also offers your company the necessary scalability to expand business in various places.

Process Automation

Our HRMS solution brings automation to the core processes of the HR department to handle repetitive processes. It can successfully reduce manual effort and save time. Your company can get rid of cumbersome paperwork with the help of PowerHR360.

Real-time Insights

In real-time, you can get an office or branch-wise vacancy status, sanctioned strength, retirement projections, and transactions. Our HRMS software can show the necessary information through a dynamic graphical view as and when necessary.

Access and Authorization

Streamline processes with high security with authorization controls. PowerHR360 enables you to control user access and authorization with integrated digital signatures for extra safety.

High Customization

Our feature-rich HRMS software is highly customizable as per your business needs and medium to long-term objectives. You can make the necessary changes in the software from our experienced developers anytime.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate the HRMS solution into popular business applications including SAP to enhance their functionality. Open APIs are also available to integrate the HRMS solution into other existing applications.

How Can Silver Touch Help?

Our in-house team of experienced professionals can help you leverage the benefits of advanced HRMS software in multiple ways. As an official SAP Partner, we assist you in integrating the HRMS software into the SAP solution. You can get customized web and mobile app solutions for HRMS software.
Our team can integrate advanced features into your existing HRMS system. Also, we build and integrate custom modules in the HRMS software to get the desired functionality. You can get assistance in identifying features and making a roadmap to build effective HRMS software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HR management software important?

Companies are constantly trying to improve their employee productivity and effectively manage the most critical asset, human resources. Given the goals, a dynamic HR management software like PowerHR360 empowers the company to hire and retain employees, adhere to regulations, maintain data privacy, track and measure employee performance, and more.

What are the benefits of a human resource system?

Benefits of HR software are enjoyed by employees, employers and organisations. Some of these advantages are:

  • Improved communication
  • Better leave management
  • Smoother employee hiring and onboarding
  • Transparent performance management
  • Enhanced employee reward management

How does HRIS improve productivity?

One of the best benefits of using HR software is it increases the organisation’s overall productivity by

  • Improving employees’ skills
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Measuring employee satisfaction
  • Enabling self-service among employees