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With the growing adoption of flexible working hours and hybrid teams, companies need a human resource management system to manage their most valuable assets efficiently.

PowerHR360 is such an HR management solution developed by experts at Silver Touch technologies. It is robust, scalable, and competitively priced. The HR management software price is set for medium and large enterprises looking for comprehensive solutions that can aid their business requirements and growth. Are you considering streamlining your HR operations with software?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Payroll outsourcing and statutory compliance services (like PF, ESI, TDS etc.)?

Yes. Our human resource management system, PowerHR360, is capable of handling 360-degree HRMS operations, including payroll outsourcing and statutory compliance services.

What do the implementation/setup services include?

Ideally, the implementation services include prerequisite installation, settings configuration, data migration, and setting up the employees with HRMS access, defined roles and security settings, training to the staff and go live.

What is the cost of HRMS software?

HRMS software cost in India depends on the scope of the work and the modules required by the organisation. There are several packages for small and large businesses alike.

Are there any setup or implementation fees?

HR management software price includes nominal one-time implementation fees most HRMS vendors charge.

Contact sales to request enterprise pricing for larger organizations.

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