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Company Profile (Client):

Client: Shaktiman (Tirth Agro)

Industry: Agricultural Implements Manufacturer

Size: 4000+ employees

Locations: Rajkot

About Shaktiman (Tirth Agro)

Tirth Agro Technology Private Limited, commonly known as Shaktiman, is a prominent Indian agricultural implements manufacturer with a rich history spanning over two decades. The company was founded in 1997 in Rajkot, Gujarat, by late Shri Ladhubhai S. Gohil, a forward-thinking farmer. Originally established as A.G. Agro Industries, the company initially focused on producing spare parts. However, it later expanded its operations to include a complete production line of agricultural implements under the brand name “SHAKTIMAN.”

Shaktiman’s core vision is to mechanize Indian agriculture entirely, and it has made significant strides in fulfilling this vision. Over the years, the company has built a robust dealership network, with over 850 dealers, 64 distributors, and 105 parts distributors across India. Thanks to its pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the business, Shaktiman has garnered a substantial presence both in the domestic and international markets, capturing more than 50% of the domestic market share.

Challenges & Solutions

PowerHR360 Your Single Platform Solution for Efficiency and Cost Savings”

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies like Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) often face a range of operational challenges in managing their human resources effectively. After careful consideration, Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) decided to choose our PowerHR360 to address these pressing issues. Here are why our HRMS was the perfect solution for them:

Dynamic Confirmation Module:

Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) needed a solution that could adapt to their specific confirmation requirements. Our PowerHR360 offers a dynamic confirmation module that can be tailored to meet the unique confirmation processes of Shaktiman (Tirth Agro). Whether it’s managing probation periods, conducting performance reviews, or any other customized criteria, our system was able to align perfectly with their needs.

Travel & Expenses Module:

Managing employee travel and expenses efficiently is crucial for companies with a global presence. Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to handle local, domestic, and international with multi currencies travel expenses. With our PowerHR360, they could effortlessly track and manage all aspects of travel expenses, ensuring transparency, cost control, and effective financial management.

Asset and Stock Management:

Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) faced challenges in effectively tracking their assets and maintaining real-time stock management. Our PowerHR360 provides a robust solution to address these issues, offering a comprehensive system for asset and stock management. This allows Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) to maintain complete visibility and control over its assets and stock levels, ultimately helping to optimize resources and reduce operational costs.

Meeting Management:

Efficient scheduling and communication of meetings were vital for Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) Company’s collaborative work environment. Our PowerHR360 includes a user-friendly meeting management feature, enabling Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) Company to schedule meetings with ease and send notifications to relevant parties through email. This enhanced communication and collaboration within the organization.

Dynamic Leave and Attendance Management

Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) Company’s HR operations involved managing various and complex leave and attendance policies. Our PowerHR360 was equipped to handle these intricacies seamlessly. From leave applications to approvals, our system ensured that Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) could efficiently manage and monitor attendance and leave requests, even in the face of complex policy structures.

Why Chose PowerHR360?

Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) Company chose PowerHR360 because we offered a comprehensive, adaptable HR solution. PowerHR360 industry-leading, secure, web-based HR management software allowed them to streamline their global HR operations effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, it empowered Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) to manage their talent and HR procedures efficiently and securely.

In conclusion, Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) chose PowerHR360 because it offered tailored solutions to address their specific operational challenges. Whether it was customizing confirmation processes, managing travel and expenses, tracking assets and stock, facilitating efficient meeting management, or handling complex leave and attendance policies, our HRMS provided a comprehensive solution. With PowerHR360, Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) streamlined their HR processes, boosted productivity, and ensured compliance with their specific requirements. We are proud to have been the chosen solution to help Shaktiman (Tirth Agro) Company overcome these operational issues and look forward to supporting them in their ongoing success.

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